Apparelvine Pty Ltd provides design and offshore bulk production for the apparel and accessory retail sector. 
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Our Services


Our Hongkou Shanghai location provides access to more than 65 manufacturing resources.

Knits and wovens, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery, washing, garment dying. Our supply chain is very active across the Globe supplying a diverse leading branded product mix including large retailer private label assets. 


Factory resources in Bangladesh are typically supplying large vertical retailers. Talk to us about higher volume products that need to be price sensitive at retail. 

Guideline MOQ begins at 5K per style (3 colours) knits or wovens.  Bangladesh lead times need to be considered when planning in store delivery timelines. 


Our customers continue to out source creative content. 

Using Apparelvine's team of creatives provides literally a world of experience. Designers are based across the USA, Australia and Asia, we work with an amazing talented crew.  Their collective work history and resulting experience is available to assist your apparel and accessory brand building requirements.

From concept to retail hanger, we provide the solution, focussing on unique original creative, factory ready tech packs, quality product, competitive pricing and on time delivery.

Sampling programs, price comparison projects and SMS requirements are welcome.

Latest project


Everyday Australia

Apparelvine provided the creative and
sourcing requirements for the launch of
Everyday Australia's new apparel offering for
the domestic and international tourism sector.
Conceptual design, tech packs, factory allocation,
production, QC and freight forwarding services
to complete the project.


Our clients


Global supply for both RIPCURL Knits and wovens with a focus on the Denim Category.


Supply the SURFSTITCH business with private label requirements for SWELL BRAND, both Knits and wovens.


Supply the THRILLS business with both Knits and wovens including shipments direct to online retailers.


Supply the OKANUI business. Including direct shipments to TJ MAXX global retail network, US, EU & AU.


Design and Supply for the EVERYDAY AUSTRALIA branded business, Knits, wovens and accessories.


Supply UNIVERSAL STORES with private label requirements, COMMON NEED BRAND, Knits and wovens.

Our story

Working as a designer for Quiksilver in the early 80's provided the opportunity to visit China. The trip provided the catalyst for a sourcing sojourn lasting more than 35 years, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.

During the early 80's major apparel companies acquired import quota from the Australian Government and began to trade TCF (Textile, Clothing & Footwear) quota amongst themselves for the garment sector.  The tight knit group began to aggressively reduce the retail price position of the fashion apparel business. The TCF quota was aboloshied in 1994 resulting in many companies moving to offshore production. 

As the new Asian sourcing model flourished and the import tariff duties were reducing each year, China production became a necessary survival strategy.

Apparelvine owners have an extensive history sourcing apparel and accessories for major wholesale brands and key national retailers.  Since the first visit in 1985 our factory network has evolved into a one stop creative, sourcing and delivery resource for the branded apparel businesses.

Customers are encouraged to visit our Shanghai office . 

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